Salient points of speech of Hon'ble Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation Shri Amit Shah while addressing a public rally in Hooghly (West Bengal)

by Shri Amit Shah -
Press Release


Salient Points of Hon’ble Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation Shri Amit Shah’s address at a public meeting in Hooghly, West Bengal


No matter where Mamata Didi hides the corrupt and criminals, BJP will ensure that they are punished.


For appeasement, Mamata Didi did not go to the 'Pran Pratishta' of Ram Mandir, but went on the Sadbhavana Yatra with the Maulvis


No matter how much Mamata didi tries, we will grant citizenship to each and every refugee


Mamata Banerjee's syndicate allegedly misappropriated the rice sent by PM Shri Narendra Modi to Bengal


In the Modi government, slogans of freedom are being raised in PoK not in Kashmir



Hon’ble Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation and Senior BJP leader Shri Amit Shah addressed a public meeting in Hooghly, West Bengal on Wednesday. He emphasized the developmental strides under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership and criticized the rampant corruption during the Congress and Trinamool Congress regimes. During the event, BJP Lok Sabha candidate from Sreerampur, Shri Kabir Shankar Bose, Former Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Minister Shri Bhuppendra Singh and District President Shri Mohan Adak, among other leaders were present.


Union Home Minister commenced his address by seeking the blessings of Dakshineshwar Mandir, Dattakare Mandir, Chanditala Mandir. Shri Shah stated that in the upcoming elections, the people of Bengal will be casting their votes. On one side are family-based parties where Mamata Banerjee wants to make her nephew the Chief Minister, Sharad Pawar wants to make his daughter, and Uddhav Thackeray and MK Stalin want to make their sons Chief Ministers, while Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi desires to make Rahul Gandhi the PM. On the other side stands a leader like Shri Narendra Modi, who emerged from the humble origins of a tea seller's home. It is upon the electorate to decide whom they trust to lead the nation.


Shri Shah stated that on one side is the INDI alliance, known for scams and corruption worth 12 lakh crores. On the other hand, there is Shri Narendra Modi, who has not been accused of corruption of even 25 paise despite being the Chief Minister for 23 years or Prime Minister for 10 years.   On one side is Rahul Gandhi, who rushes for vacations at the slightest heat, to places like Thailand and Bangkok. And on the other side is Shri Narendra Modi, who for 23 years, even on Diwali, shares sweets with soldiers at the border and celebrates with them.


Union Home Minister emphasized that every vote cast for Shri Kabir Shankar Bose is a vote to elect Shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister once again. The electorate must decide between the INDI alliance, who makes itself crorepatis, or Shri Narendra Modi, who aims to uplift 3 crore Lakhpati Didis. They must choose between the INDI alliance's ‘Chinese Guarantee’ or Shri Narendra Modi's ‘Concrete Pledges’. The public must determine if they prefer infiltrators or Shri Narendra Modi, who grants citizenship to refugees through the CAA. Lastly, they must decide between voting for jihad or voting for development. Shri Shah assured that as Shri Kabir Bose secures victory in Shrirampur, Bengal will be transformed into a region where not even a single infiltrator can enter. The BJP will dismantle syndicates and mafias and will actively strive to eradicate the issue of cut money.


Shri Shah stated that for 70 years, Congress, TMC and the Communists obstructed the construction of the Ram Mandir. When the people of Bengal gave 18 seats to PM Shri Narendra Modi, he, as Prime Minister for the second time, under his leadership, the Supreme Court’s verdict came in favor of Ram Janmabhoomi. Shri Narendra Modi performed the Bhoomi Pujan for the Ram Mandir within 5 years and on January 22, also performed the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lalla. At that time, Mamata Banerjee was organizing a ‘Sadbhavna Yatra’ with Mullahs and Maulvis. Among Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge and Abhishek Banerjee, no one attended the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lalla. Out of fear of losing their vote bank, which comprises infiltrators, they did not attend the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lalla. The people will not vote for such individuals who did not attend Ram Lalla’s Pran Pratishtha due to the fear of their vote bank.


Union Home Minister stated that Mamata Banerjee, Congress and the Syndicate opposed the removal of article 370, cautioning that its removal would lead to widespread bloodshed across India. However, even after five years, there hasn't been any substantial unrest in the valley. Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, decisively revoked Article 370, thereby integrating Kashmir permanently into India. During the UPA government, there were frequent incidents in Kashmir, but under Shri Narendra Modi's leadership, there are no disturbances in Kashmir; instead, they occur in PoK. Previously, slogans for independence were raised in Kashmir, but now they are heard in PoK. Earlier, there used to be stone-pelting in Kashmir, but now it happens in PoK. A new record was set as 2.11 crore tourists visited Kashmir.


Shri Shah emphasized that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir belongs to India. Meanwhile, Mani Shankar Aiyar and Farooq Abdullah are attempting to instill fear by highlighting Pakistan's possession of nuclear weapons. Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee may have concerns about Pakistan, but the BJP does not fear Pakistan. POK belongs to India, and the BJP is committed to reclaiming it. Mamata Banerjee is against granting citizenship to Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jain refugees from Bangladesh. She favors infiltrators and grants citizenship to Rohingyas. Infiltration should be halted, and under a BJP government, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jain refugees would be granted citizenship.


Union Home Minister stated that Mamata Banerjee's governance involves elements of violence, corruption, and appeasement. The Bengal that gave "Jana Gana Mana," created "Vande Mataram," and played a crucial role in gaining independence, the Communist and Trinamool Congress have worked to undermine patriotism in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee has worked to favor infiltrators over the rights of the poor, backward, and tribal communities and has created a mafia zone with syndicates. After the last legislative assembly elections, 53 people were killed. Shri Kabir Shankar Bose has taken the initiative to provide justice to the victims of Mamata's violence, even funding cases to the Supreme Court from his own pocket. Shri Amit Shah appealed to the people to vote for Shri Kabir Shankar Bose, who has assisted victims of violence, corruption, and women victims of rape in Sandeshkhali to attain justice.


Shri Shah stated that Mamata Didi's slogan of "Maa, Mati, Manush" has now changed to "Mulla, Madrasa, and Mafia". She pays salaries to mosque imams but not to temple priests. Mamata Banerjee opposes the construction of the Ram Mandir. She doesn't grant permission for Maa Durga Puja, and government employees don't receive a half-day holiday during the festival. However, she does provide a half-day holiday during Ramadan. Mamata Banerjee disregards the constitution and Kalyan Banerjee makes fun of the Vice President.


Union Home Minister stated that Shri Narendra Modi created the "Kisan Samman Nidhi" scheme to provide farmers with an annual payment of 6 thousand rupees, but Mamata Banerjee obstructed its implementation in West Bengal. Additionally, she hinders the Ayushman Bharat Yojana from benefiting the people of West Bengal. After the BJP comes to power, every poor person in Bengal will receive free treatment up to ₹5 lakh. In Sreerampur, water accumulates, underpasses get flooded, and drainage repairs are neglected, but Mamata Banerjee's associates are busy in corruption and looting. Mamata Banerjee has been accused of extensive corruption in Bengal, with ₹50 crores discovered at the residence of Partha Chatterjee, allegedly extorted from the youth of Serampore. Mamata Banerjee claims that the Enforcement Directorate is being misused when corrupt individuals are arrested. However, the BJP is committed to ensuring that all individuals involved are prosecuted and imprisoned, and Mamata Banerjee cannot stop it.  Shri Narendra Modi has pledged to work towards putting those involved in corruption amounting to ₹12 lakh crores behind bars. This includes cases related to cow smuggling, infiltration, coal scams, and illegal mining.


Shri Shah emphasized that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has undertaken numerous developments works for Srirampur. He has built 2,900 kilometers of rural development roads, provided homes to 80 thousand people, distributed gas cylinders to 8 lakh people, and provided employment to 12 lakh people under MGNREGA. The construction of the Varanasi-Ranchi-Kolkata 6-lane expressway has been initiated, an underpass has been built at Uluberia railway station crossing, and the corridor for the Delhi-Howrah high-speed bullet train and 2 Vande Bharat trains from Howrah to Jalpaiguri and Howrah to Jagannath Puri has been started. Work has commenced on constructing a new metro from Maidan to Salt Lake in Howrah, laying 3 tracks at Santahar Gachi railway station, and establishing the Howrah Railway Museum. Shri Narendra Modi provided 5 kg of rice to every poor person, but Mamata Banerjee took credit for it. Mamata Banerjee's syndicate sells the rice sent by Shri Narendra Modi in the market.


Union Home Minister emphasized that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has undertaken numerous initiatives for the development of Bengal. Mamata Banerjee served in the central government for 10 years and during Sonia-Manmohan's tenure, Mamata Banerjee's leaders held ministerial positions, but what did they do for the development of Bengal? The Sonia-Manmohan government allocated ₹2 lakh crore to Bengal, whereas in just 10 years, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has worked to allocate ₹9 lakh 25 thousand crore to West Bengal.


Shri Shah pointed out that the funds provided by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, didn't reach the people of Sreerampur as they were consumed by the Bhaipo’s goons. These funds will only reach the grassroots when Shri Kabir Shankar will become MP from Sreerampur instead of Kalyan Banerjee. Shri Shah appealed to the public to support the BJP in West Bengal, aiming for '30 Paar' in the state and '400 Paar' nationwide, thereby re-electing Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister.




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