Salient points of speech of Hon'ble Union Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation Shri Amit Shah while addressing Shakti Kendra pramukh Sammelan at Palace Ground, Bengaluru (Karnataka)

by Shri Amit Shah -
Press Release


Salient points of Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah’s address ‘Shakti Kendra Pramukh Sammelan’ in Bengaluru, Karnataka


The dynastic-corrupt alliance will be defeated in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.


This time NDA is going to get 60% votes and will win all 28 seats from Karnataka.


People of Karnataka will not even allow Congress to open its account in Karnataka.


Modi ji fulfilled all the promises of the manifesto.


INDI alliance is organizing meetings to save the corrupt.


Each BJP karyakarta will deliver Modi ji's message to every home.


Siddaramaiah government involved in corruption has forgotten the public welfare of Karnataka.


Congress CM and Deputy CM are busy in the fight for the chair in Karnataka.



Union Home and Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah addressed the ‘Shakti Kendra Pramukh Sammelan’ at Palace Ground, Bengaluru, Karnataka on Tuesday. During the event, member of the BJP Parliamentary Board and senior party leader Shri BS Yediyurappa, BJP Karnataka President Shri Virendra Yediyurappa, LoP in Karnataka Assembly Shri R Ashok, Union Minister Shri Pralhad Joshi, BJP Yuva Morcha President and MP Shri Tejashwi Surya, BJP candidates Shri CN Manjunath, Shri K Sudhakar, Smt Shobha Karandajale, and other party leaders were present on stage.


Union Minister Shri Amit Shah outlined the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, highlighting the BJP-led NDA under Shri Narendra Modi's leadership against the INDI alliance. Shri Shah mentioned Shri Narendra Modi's clean governance record, contrasting it with Congress' alleged corruption. He praised Shri Narendra Modi's achievements, including poverty alleviation, infrastructure development, and decisive actions like abolishing Article 370. Shri Shah urged BJP karyakartas to convey Shri Narendra Modi's message and secure victory in all 28 seats in Karnataka, aiming for a resounding '400 Paar' win for NDA.


Shri Amit Shah conveyed that in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, on one side, there is BJP-led NDA, which is entering the electoral arena under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi. And on the other side, there is the INDI alliance, which comprises dynastic and corrupt leaders. Shri Shah highlighted that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has set a target of '400 Paar' for NDA,  in front of all BJP karyakartas. In 2014, the people of Karnataka gave BJP 17 seats with 43% of the vote, and in 2019, they gave BJP 25 seats with 51% of the vote. Shri Shah appealed to both the public and the party's karyakartas to secure victory for the NDA in all 28 seats across the states in the forthcoming elections.


Union Home Minister highlighted that the Congress government in Karnataka is neglecting the state's interests and development. While one among the Chief Minister and Deputy CM is focused on retaining their position, the other is engrossed in power struggles, leaving the welfare of Karnataka's people unattended. Shri Amit Shah noted that despite the state facing drought, proposals for central assistance were delayed by three months by the state government. Presently, the plea for central assistance for drought relief is awaiting consideration by the Election Commission.


Shri Amit Shah stated that during the 10 years of Manmohan Singh's government at the Centre, Karnataka received only ₹142 thousand crore, whereas Shri Narendra Modi's government has provided ₹4 lakh 91 thousand crore, which is three times more. Additionally, ₹25,000 crore has been allocated for roads. ₹75,000 crore has been utilized for railways, and ₹11000 crore for airways by Shri Narendra Modi's government. In Karnataka, approximately 3 crore beneficiaries are benefiting from various schemes implemented by the central government.


Shri Shah stated that under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, the alliance between BJP and JDS will win all 28 seats in Karnataka, ensuring that Congress does not get any seat in the state. Shri Amit Shah stated that Shri Narendra Modi has worked as Chief Minister and Prime Minister for 23 years, and throughout his entire tenure, the opposition could not level even a single penny corruption allegation against him. Shri Narendra Modi has set an example for the nation by working with transparency for 23 years. On the other hand, in the previous 10 years of Congress rule, corruption amounting to ₹12 lakh crore rupees occurred. Congress has been involved in numerous scams such as the Coal block, Commonwealth, 2G, apple sales scam in Himachal Pradesh, INX media scam, Aircel scam, Antariksh Devaksh, Land for Job scheme, Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association, AgustaWestland, and many more.


Shri Shah highlighted that in 2014, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi pledged to lead a government dedicated to the welfare of the poor, Dalits, marginalized communities, and tribal populations.  Within 10 years of his governance, Shri Narendra Modi has worked to lift more than 25 crore people out of poverty. He has provided free ration to 80 crore poor people, built 12 crore toilets nationwide, provided homes to 4 crore poor people, given gas connections to 10 crore women under the Ujjwala scheme, and provided fresh water to more than 14 crore people through tap connections. Today, Shri Narendra Modi's government is providing full health coverage of up to ₹5 lakh rupees to 60 crore poor people. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has undertaken the task of offering a fresh life, new excitement, and renewed enthusiasm to the 60 crore impoverished individuals of the nation.


Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah emphasized that when Shri Narendra Modi became Prime Minister for the second time, he abolished Article 370 on 5th August 2019. Rahul Gandhi warned of bloodshed in Kashmir if Article 370 got removed, but no one had the courage to even throw a pebble. Shri Narendra Modi not only provided homes for 4 crore impoverished individuals across the nation, but also built an auspicious Mandir for Ram Lalla in Ayodhya. On 22nd August 2024, Shri Narendra Modi performed the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lalla. Shri Shah mentioned that invitations were extended to everyone for the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla, including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Mallikarjun Kharge. However, due to their politics of appeasement, none of them attended the event because they feared that their vote bank would be jeopardized.


Shri Amit Shah stated that since the time of Partition, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh refugees came to India from Pakistan and Bangladesh to preserve their religion and the dignity of their families. By implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act, Shri Narendra Modi’s government has granted citizenship to the refugees. Shri Shah highlighted that during the 10 years of Congress rule at the center, bomb blasts were frequent in India, and terrorists from Pakistan would often infiltrate, carry out attacks, and escape. However, Manmohan Singh remained silent. Leading to their habitual attacks, terrorists carried out bomb blasts in URI and Pulwama, but this time it was Shri Narendra Modi’s BJP government at the Centre. Within just 10 days, surgical strikes and airstrikes were conducted to eliminate terrorists by infiltrating into Pakistan's territory.


Shri Shah emphasized that the new parliament has been constructed under the Modi government, Kartavyapath has been established, and the government has also initiated the overhaul of all criminal justice laws that had been in place for 150 years. Additionally, Shri Narendra Modi's administration has endeavored to elevate India from the 11th largest economy to the 5th largest economy. With the NDA achieving ‘400 Paar’ and Shri Narendra Modi securing his third term as Prime Minister, it is ‘Modi ki guarantee’ that India will emerge as the world's third-largest economy. Shri Amit Shah conveyed that PM Shri Narendra Modi has worked to advance India's infrastructure. For 10 years, a new university was opened every week. Continuously for 10 years, 37 startups were launched daily, UPI transactions worth ₹16,000 crore took place, 14 km of rail tracks were laid daily, and 50,000 women received LPG connections every day. For 5 years, every second, the BJP government provided water connections to impoverished families.


Shri Shah mentioned that the INDI alliance organized a rally titled 'Loktantra Bachao', but it wasn't aimed at safeguarding democracy, rather, it was held to protect corrupt individuals. Shri Shah conveyed that in 2014, the BJP had declared that those involved in corruption would be behind bars, and today, this promise is being fulfilled. He questioned what accountability does Rahul Gandhi demand from the government, when cash amounting to ₹350 crore was found at the residence of a Congress MP. ₹51 crore cash was recovered at the home of a minister belonging to Mamata Banerjee's party. Such corrupt individuals should be promptly imprisoned.


Shri Amit Shah appealed to BJP karyakarats that they must personally convey Shri Narendra Modi's message, his work, and the Congress' incompetent performance to every household. They must visit every booth as representatives of Shri Narendra Modi themselves. Furthermore, Shri Shah emphasized the goal of winning all 28 seats in Karnataka with the aim of achieving 400 Paar for the NDA, ensuring a decisive majority in support of Shri Narendra Modi for his third term as Prime Minister.




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